It's TIme to Start ChoosIng pattern

SADEM provide new patterns and design for your PU & PVC artificial leather production. SADEM provide all kind of patterns for faux leather. You can choose our unique design for bag, upholstery, sofa, furniture, shoes, clothes, garment and so on. 

Custom Design

You can give us your sample and we convert it to Cermaic Vacuum Embossing Roller.

vacuum emboss roll
Our Patterns

Get our catalogue and choose pattern for your leather. We have over +3000 must be suitable for you.

vacuum emboss roll
Technical Support

Our techinal team help you to produce any leather. We can supply to you technical support and suggest chemicals.

vacuum emboss roll

SADEM vacuum embossing roller easily reach to at least 100,000 meters in your production.

Why SADEM Vacuum Emboss

Sadem Vacuum Emboss Rolls are high quality and unique design.

What You Get

You do not get not only best vacuum embossing roller, but also your guidance for artificial leather production.